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Upendra Nath College
Upendra Nath College (ଉପେନ୍ଦ୍ର ନାଥ ମହାବିଦ୍ୟାଳୟ)
Nalagaja, Mayurbhanj, Odisha (ନଳଗଜା, ମୟୂରଭଞ୍ଜ, ଓଡିଶା)
Affilated To: Maharaja Sriram Chandra Bhanja Deo University
'B' Grade Accrediated by NAAC
List of Departments:
Dept. of English
    Sri Ananta Murmu ,Lecturer in English ()
    Smt. Deepali Hansdha ,Lecturer in English ()
    Sri Samya Mohanty ,Lecturer in English ()
    Sri Auro Prsad Parida ,Lecturer in English ()
    Sri Sukumar Mohanty ,Lecturer in English ()
Dept. of History
    Sri Balgopal Meher ,Lecturer in History ()
Dept. of Oriya
    Sri Gayaram Giri ,Reader in Odia ()
    Sri Abanee Kanta Giri ,Lecturer in Odia ()
    Sri Umesh Kumar Jena ,Lecturer in Odia ()
    Sri Kanda Naik ,Lecturer in Odia ()
    Sri Babuli Singh ,Lecturer in Odia ()
Deptt. of Botany
    Sri Deba Shankar Marndi ,Lecturer in Botany ()
    Sri A.K.Patra ,Demo. in Botany ()
Deptt. of Chemistry
    Smt. Kabita Dandapat ,Reader in Chemistry ()
    Sri G.P.Mohanty ,Demo. in Chemistry ()
    Smt. Alaka Nayak ,Demo. in Chemistry ()
Deptt. of Commerce
    Sri P. K. Dash ,Lecturer in Commerce ()
    Sri R. K. Giri ,Lecturer in Commerce ()
Deptt. of Economics
    Sri L.N. Mohanty ,Reader in Economics ()
    Smt. Kajalminu Marndi ,Lecturer in Economics ()
Deptt. of Education
    Smt. A. Mohanty ,Lecturer in Education ()
    Mr. Sankar Charan Mohanty ,Lecturer in Education ()
    Sri Balaram Singh ,Lecturer in Education ()
Deptt. of Home Science
    Mrs. Smita Pradhan ,Lecturer in Home Science ()
Deptt. of Logic & Philosophy
    Smt. S. Nayak ,Lecturer in Logic & Phil. ()
Deptt. of Math and Comp. Science
    Dr. N. R. Kalia ,Reader in Math. (M.Sc.(Math); M.Tech.(CSE); Ph.D.(Math))
    Miss Jashoswini ,Lecturer in Math. ()
    Mr Manoj Kumar Paikray ,Lecturer in Comp. Sc. ()
Deptt. of Physics
    Sri R. K. Rout ,Lecturer (Group-A) in Physics ()
    Sri K.R. Mohapatra ,Demo. in Physics ()
    Sri P.C. Behera ,Demo. in Physics ()
Deptt. of Pol. Science
    Sri S. K. Patra ,Lecturer(Group-A) in Pol. Sci. ()
    Sri Chandra Sekhar Jena ,Lecturer in Pol. Sci. ()
    Sri Sabyasachi A. Nayak ,Lecturer in Pol. Sci. ()
Deptt. of Sanskrit
Deptt. of Zoology
    Dr. S. Rout ,Lecturer (Group-A) in Zool. ()
    Sri Kiran Kumar Sahoo ,Lecturer in Zoology ()
    Sri Deepak K. Giri ,Demo. in Zoology ()

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